Open Platform 3.0™

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There is a recognized convergence of technologies by industry analysts and practitioners creating the opportunity for a new federated architecture model. Gartner identified this as a ‘Nexus of Forces’, while IDC is calling it the 3rd Platform. At The Open Group, we are referring to the convergence as Open Platform 3.0

The Open Platform 3.0™ Standard

The purpose of The Open Group's Open Platform 3.0 Forum is to help organizations to take advantage of the convergence of modern technologies like cloud computing, social computing, mobile computing, big data analytics, and the internet of things. The Forum is creating The Open Platform 3.0 Standard as an interoperability standard for digital platforms, so that enterprises can more easily use these technologies in business solutions. Digital platforms that conform to it will work together, so that enterprises can combine them to access different technologies to meet business needs.

The standard is currently at an early stage of development. The Open Group has published a snapshot as an indication of what the eventual standard might be, and as an invitation for input and comment.

Enterprises wishing to gain advance understanding of this emerging standard, and influence its development, should join the Open Platform 3.0 Forum.