Amsterdam 2014: Proceedings – Security Forum

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Security Forum

Objective of Meeting

The Security Forum members' meeting in Amsterdam aimed to provide a broad overview of the projects currently underway in the Forum. Specific joint sessions were held with both the Architecture Forum and the Open Platform 3.0™ Forum, to discuss and make progress on joint projects.


The Forum met on Tuesday afternoon, May 13, and again on Thursday, May 15. Key topics discussed in the meetings included a review of all security projects and status, discussion of a new security services catalog project brought forth by Pascal de Koning, review of a healthcare security model brought forth by Thorbjorn Ellefson (Helse Sor-Ost), and discussion of the security automation project.


The joint meeting of the Architecture Forum and the TNSP project team reviewed inputs from the TNSP team to the TOGAF project team in three key areas, including suggested landing ground for risk and security, cross-cutting domains as a new concept in TOGAF, and risk.

The joint meeting with the Open Platform 3.0 Forum produced some suggestions for possible joint work, including the possibility of drafting a White Paper highlighting security issues associated with the Internet of Things.

Next Steps

Specific next steps include:

  • Proposed security services catalog project: IP issues and arrangements between The Open Group and the SABSA Institute to be discussed and decided.
  • TNSP project: Architecture Forum to consider the inputs provided in the meeting, and the mark-up being done to the Part 1 smooth draft, as inputs for the next version of the TOGAF standard.
  • Healthcare security model from Helse Sor-Ost will be considered as a possible contribution to the Security Forum.


Presentations from the members' meeting can be found here.