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TOGAF and Smart Grid Enterprise Architecture

Stephan Amsbary
Director of Utility Enterprise Architecture, EnerNex, US

This presentation discusses the need for Enterprise Architecture methodology for Smart Grid (SG). SG's complexity and continuing evolution requires a systematic approach to understand all its implications. TOGAF is being used for the USA government SG interoperability and architectural efforts (i.e., National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) SGIP, and the DoE government-wide acquisition contracts (GWAC). Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Intelligrid efforts, use cases and various SG roadmaps fold well into TOGAF framework thereby ensuring previous and ongoing SG's functional efforts are fully utilized. This discussion will review how TOGAF is being used in SG government efforts as well as a way to include existing SG use-cases and roadmaps into the Architecture Development Method (ADM) of TOGAF.

Stephan AmsbaryStephan Amsbary is the Director of Utility Enterprise Architecture at EnerNex. He has extensive experience in the energy and utility industry and has been involved in projects with more than 50 utilities over the course of 10 years. He has an established track record of identifying, developing, proposing, articulating and applying Enterprise Architecture processes to solve client requirements. Stephan also has the proven ability to prioritize, schedule, execute multiple projects, consistently delivering on-time and within budget. While having extensive utility IT experience he also has expertise across several vertical markets. Stephan’s most recent projects include lead investigator for a Smart Grid Product Evaluation and Roadmap for a major utility manufacturer, an extensive Smart Grid Pilot Evaluation and an Enterprise Architecture engagement. He is involved in the NIST Smart Grid Interoperoperability Panel as the Terminology Technical Champion and Smart Grid Architecture Committee for several projects, including NIST’s Actor Normalization/Harmonization and Automation Services efforts. Stephan is on retainer with clients for his Smart Grid and Enterprise Architecture expertise.

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