The Open Group Conference London 2011
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Enterprise Security Modeling and Analysis with TOGAF®, ArchiMate® and SABSA

Iver Band, CISSP
Enterprise Architect, Standard Insurance Company

At Standard Insurance, a diversified financial services company, we are modeling and analyzing role-based access control (RBAC) to uncover residual risks and develop mitigation strategies. We use TOGAF and ArchiMate as our core EA methodology, and are introducing elements of SABSA, which is focused on enterprise security architecture and service management. We will present views of RBAC based on TOGAF, ArchiMate and SABSA concepts and show how we use these three paradigms to justify and explain systematic, scalable and transparent access control.

Iver BandIver Band, CISSP is an enterprise architect at Standard Insurance Company and represents his company at the Open Group ArchiMate Forum. Previously, he was a security and infrastructure architect at HP. Iver was also an HP Labs Visiting Technologist, where he led development of a patented network security management mechanism.

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