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WORKSHOP: Using TOGAF® to Define and Govern Service Oriented Architectures

Stephen Bennett
Consultant at Oracle

Ed Harrington
Consultant & Instructor at Achitecting the Enterprise

This presentation will detail and discuss the Technical Guide: Using TOGAF to Define & Govern Service Oriented Architectures. This Technical Guide describes how an architect can utilize TOGAF if he/she has chosen Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) as the appropriate style of architecture. It includes aspects specific to SOA on Governance, Reference Architectures, Maturity Assessments as well as a detailed view of the particular enhancements that might be considered as the architect steps through all the Phases of TOGAF.

Stephen BennettSteve Bennett is a 25-year experienced technologist focused on providing thought leadership, best practices, and architecture guidance around SOA and cloud computing. He has delivered technology management and enterprise architecture consulting to many enterprise customers.

Before becoming a consultant, Stephen was involved in delivering enterprise-wide mission critical systems within the investment banking industry.

Ed HarringtonEd Harrington is a consultant and instructor with Architecting the Enterprise, a TOGAF and Enterprise Architecture Consultancy. Prior to this, Ed was COO of Model Driven Solutions and worked for two UK based companies. Before that, Ed spent 17 years at General Electric. Ed is past chair of various Open Group Forums.

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