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Workshop: Cloud & Security - Architectural Decisions Rodeo

Tony Carrato

Omkhar Arasaratnam,
Cloud Security Lead Architect, IBM
(Cloud Work Group Steering Committee and Project Co-Chair)

This workshop will introduce a formal approach to making Architectural Decisions. Members of the Security for Cloud and SOA team will:

  • Describe the relationship between Architecture Principles and Architectural Decisions
  • Propose one or more scenarios to drive decision making for purposes of discussion
  • Nominate a set of candidate Architectural Decisions for consideration of attendees. These will be security principles and candidate decisions for Cloud and SOA scenarios. They will leverage the Cloud/SOA Architecture Principles presented in the San Diego conference in February, 2011.

Based on these scenarios and candidate Architectural Decisions, participants will collaborate to validate, update or correct these candidate Architectural Decisions justifying and rationalizing the architectural process of developing these artifacts. This workshop will also be used to vet the Architecture Principles and ABBs which have already been defined by the project. Ultimately, the sample Architectural Decisions will be included in the Security for the Cloud and SOA reference architecture as examples.

Attendees will learn a structured process for making and documenting Architectural Decisions, including relating them to Architectural Principles. They will also have the benefit of participating with peers who are experienced cloud & security practitioners in developing a broadly useful set of Architectural Decisions, which can be applied to their own projects.

PhotoOmkhar Arasaratnam is an IBM Certified Senior Security Architect, and an Open Group Certified Master Architect currently with IBM. He is a member of the IBM Security Architecture Board, the IBM Cloud Computing Security Architecture Board, and co-leads The Open Group Cloud Working Group’s Security for the Cloud and SOA project. He is also actively involved in the International Standards Organization (ISO) JTC1/SC38 Study Group on Cloud Computing. Omkhar is also an accomplished author and technical editor of several IBM, John Wiley & Sons, and O’Reilly publications. He also has five pending patents in the field of information technology. Omkhar is the lead security architect for IBM’s SmartCloud Enterprise+.

Tony CarratoTony Carrato is the Chief Product Architect for Smarter Cities, in IBM's Industry Solutions Software organization. He is a member of the Steering Committee of the Security Forum and the SOA Work Group at the Open Group.

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