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Case Study: the University of Texas Federated Identity Management System

Paul Caskey
Chief Technology Officer, University of Texas System Administration's Office of System-Wide Information Services

As technology becomes increasingly mobile and pervasive, the proliferation of login credentials has followed suit reaching, at times, unmanageable proportions. Yet, the idea of having a single trusted credential that can be used to authenticate one’s identity anytime it is needed to secure a transaction continues to be a topic of discussion in federal and state governments, institutions of higher education, and, to some extent, business and industry. Federated identity management provides the means – policies, technology, standards – to enable individuals to use one set of credentials to securely access multiple information resources simplifying collaboration with partners and vendors while enhancing security and privacy. Though adoption of federated identity management has been slow in general, it has been adopted and widely implemented by institutions of higher education. This session will touch on the way The University of Texas System is using federated identity management to ease user access, improve security, and foster collaboration across the state of Texas.

Paul CaskeyPaul Caskey is the Chief Technology Officer in The University of Texas System Administration's Office of System-Wide Information Services. He has primary responsibility for the development and operation of the U.T. System Identity Management Federation and is the chair of the federation's Technical Advisory Group. Paul is a member of the InCommon Federation's Technical Advisory Committee as well and is a lead instructor for InCommon's Shibboleth training classes. Paul is also heavily involved in the U.T. System's various Shared Services projects and the development of the U.T. System Research Cyberinfrastructure. Paul has an extensive background in networking, security, and I.T. infrastructure and is currently active in local/wide area networking, Unix/Windows System Administration, and I.T. Security, as well as a variety of identity management areas, including registries, directories, provisioning, credentialing, federation, PKI, and application integration, having done talks and presentations on these topics at many workshops and conferences in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Paul has a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Texas A & M University.

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