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Enterprise Architecture - Architecture Beyond IT

Raveesh Dewan
Director - Enterprise Architecture and Planning, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, US

The presentation is really to demystify Enterprise Architecture and give real life examples of how Enterprise Architecture goes beyond information technology. I have established Enterprise Architecture practice here at CareFirst starting from scratch and there are a number of insights that I have to share that can help my colleagues and be valuable to them. The presentation will convey how the engagement for an EA is to setup in an enterprise to ensure that the activities of Enterprise Architecture department are clearly understood and valued while talking about real deliverables from EA. Finally to help audiance understand how Enterprise Architecture adds meaning to IT.

Raveesh DewanRaveesh Dewan manages the Enterprise Architect practice at CareFirst. He is responsible for overall technology planning and oversight, including reviewing and approving technology plans, establishing standards and guidelines, preparing the enterprise wide technology plans, and technology acquisitions.

The department enables CareFirst to accomplish multi-year vision. Architecture is aligned with the business in defining the agreed upon shared course of actions against which decisions can be validated and managed.

Prior to CareFirst, Raveesh was in various leadership roles for technology and business projects. He was also highlighted as a young entrepreneur in Feb 2000 in India for launching a city web portal, the first of its kind.

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