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World Class EA

Chris Forde
VP Enterprise Architecture and Membership Capabilities, The Open Group

Peter Haviland
Head of Architecture (Americas), Technology Advisory, Ernst & Young LLC

Peter Haviland and Chris Forde will take the audience through a participatory session covering industry trends and challenges that architecture capabilities are focussing on throughout the world. Using the Open Group's “World Class EA” as a reference point, the speakers will demonstrate connectedness across industry segments and summarise the key challenges for IT organizations; they will then outline how architecture teams should be organized in order to unlock value. Peter and Chris invite you to join a discussion within the session.

Please be prepared to make your own comment or question to drive the industry forward.

Chris FordeBased in Shanghai, Chris Forde is responsible for advancing the work of The Open Group’s Architecture Forum on a global basis and driving the organization to an even stronger position within the enterprise and IT architecture markets.

Chris is an enterprise architect and has held various leadership roles in business architecture, application development, information management and technology operations throughout his career.

Prior to joining The Open Group, Chris worked at American Express as Vice President for Strategy and Architecture for their Customer Servicing Capability. Chris has deep expertise in enterprise architecture and, as Chair of the Architecture Forum, he was instrumental in driving the successful development and launch of TOGAF® 9 from 2007-2009.

PhotoPeter Haviland is chief architect within Ernst & Young's global architecture practice. He has worked around the world in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe, working with clients to articulate how business can better exploit technology, and set up architecture functions for success.

Peter is a regular contributor to various industry knowledge forums and has recently published articles on such topics as value-centric architecture, risk mitigation via cultural governance, and improving business/IT alignment through enterprise architecture.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering in Industrial and Aeronautical Aerodynamics in addition to a number of Open Group architecture-related qualifications including Level 3 ITAC and TOGAF® 9.


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