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The Actionable Business Architecture

Mark Griffith
Architect/Senior Principal Leader, Computer Sciences Corporation, US

This presentation is based on a model and actionable approach to Business Architecture Mark Griffith developed and published in Architecture and Governance Magazine in early 2010. Since then, Mark has received numerous comments about how enterprises have applied these techniques with positive results.

The article posits that Business Architecture is often understood only as single components such as Business Process Modeling largely dependent on the perspective of the practitioner. However, Business Architecture is made up of a collection of components that, when orchestrated together, can produce significant results for any business of virtually any size. These components include Business Capabilities, Business Processes, Organization Structure, Projects and Initiatives, and Business Strategy. All of which are informed by Business Drivers and Influencers. The actionable approach breaks down these components and provides the practitioner with tools or tool ideas for practical application to drive results.

This presentation will close with how this model for Business Architecture participates in a larger Enterprise Architecture, which includes Information Architecture and Technology Architecture. The article Mark published in Architecture & Governance Magazine is located at:

With over 13 years working within and leading EA Programs, Mark Griffith is a seasoned practitioner of Enterprise Architecture. Mark has been published in trade journals and was a contributor to the NASCIO Enterprise Architecture Tool-Kit. Additionally, Mark is consulted by industry experts on best practices in EA.

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