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Accelerating Value: Align Focus to Desired Outcomes & Investment

David Hornford
Senior Partner, Architecture, Conexiam, Canada

Enterprise Architecture practices may be focused on their organizations mid-term and long-term goals. They need to deliver short-term results, with traction, against those long-term goals. Too many EA practices miss windows of opportunity by not being focused on what delivers value. Classic maturity models make a set of unsupported presumptions about purpose and investment for an EA discipline. This talk delivers real-world techniques to use the capability & investment framework from the World Class EA white paper to align an EA practice with needed outcome and investment appetite to accelerate the delivery of value.

Dave HornfordDave Hornford actively supports the development of effective enterprise architecture disciplines at his clients. Over the past 20 years he has been assisting his clients‚ realize their objectives through an architected approach to strategy, program planning and project implementation.

Dave is currently chair of the Open Group Architecture Forum, a budding aerobatic pilot and Senior Partner Conexiam.

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