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TOGAF® 9 Case Study: eGovernmental Services and Public Investments in Norway

Lars Christian Houge
CEO, Orchestration AS, Norway

This presentation will cover the following:

  • An overview of status on eGovernmental services in Norway: What's the rush? Why do the governmental sectors need to change?
  • The process for financing major public investment project in Norway. Why do we need a formalized process? The quality assurance process?
  • A case study from the The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration. Why did we apply TOGAF9 in this project? The approach, major deliverables, business benefits, lessons learned.

Lars HougeLars Houge is a well recognized manager and consultant. He has a master degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has worked across industries with business and technology related challenges for 20 years.

He has founded several companies and is now CEO in Orchestration AS, a technology company developing SaaS solutions in order to improve decision making in large organizations.

Lars has a passion for enterprise architecture and has for the last two years been responsible for a modernization program in the governmental sector in Norway.

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