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Improve Data Quality Now and Enable Semantic Interoperability: UDEF Adoption Case Study

Ron Schuldt
Senior Partner, UDEF-IT, LLC

The Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) is a framework for describing data to enable interoperability. Enterprise and standard specialist vocabularies can be related to each other within the UDEF. A particular feature is support for equivalent vocabularies in different languages. It is easy to use, and its definitions are readily available on-line.

Several organizations have recently decided to adopt the Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF). Although the UDEF offers the future potential to enable semantic interoperability, the immediate benefit is improved data quality through enhanced data clarity. This presentation will provide examples that illustrate enhanced data clarity as well as a demonstration of a tool that reduces the costs of data integration.

PhotoRon Schuldt is a Senior Partner of UDEF-IT, LLC. He has over twenty years experience with national and international data standards covering the gamut from Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). He is Chairman of The Open Group UDEF Project.

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