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Unlocking the Power of Enterprise Knowledge through Architecture

Robert Weisman
CEO, Build the Vision

Effective management of organizational information resources is key for the purposes of enhancing stakeholder decision quality. Competitive advantage through accurate analytics and accountability for the quality of information upon which they are based is dependent upon an effective and efficient information architecture. This architecture organizes and brings to bear for corporate advantage the totality of the organization's information holdings. This presentation will highlight the best practices associated with effective information architecture and the business information management processes that will allow the architecture vision to succeed.

Robert WeismanRobert Weisman MSc, PEng, PMP, is CEO Build The Vision Inc and has been an EA Practitioner for 20 years. He is also been an active member of the Open Group Architecture Forum since 2004 and was a major contributor to the TOGAF 9 specification. He has used TOGAF (and its predecessor) since 1994. Robert has a background in knowledge based systems, leads the Open Group Information Architecture WG and has been an active knowledge architecture practitioner in the finance, health, social services and defence domains. He was also the primary author of the Government of Canada Data Stewardship methodology.

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