Networking Event

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Tuesday Evening Networking

6:15-8:30 pm

Join us for drinks, hors d’oeuvres and food stations at the Old South Meeting House, A Museum and Historic Site...Where the Boston Tea Party began in 1773!

Step inside this important stop on Boston's Freedom Trail and experience the place that changed American History forever! From outraged protests over the Boston Massacre, to the night Samuel Adams gave the secret signal that began the Boston Tea Party... From the heroic effort to save a grand historic landmark from demolition, to a free speech policy enacted amidst the height of censorship... Experience the dramatic stories and inspiring history of Old South Meeting House.

Exhibit: Voices of Protest: Discover compelling people who made a difference at Old South Meeting House and the history of free speech that continues to this day. See tea leaves and a tea crate label from the Boston Tea Party, a 3-D model of colonial Boston, John Hancock's portable writing desk.

NOTE: If you have a 1-day pass or wish to bring a guest, please purchase a ticket in advance.



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