Get a Product Certified

The FACE Consortium plans to launch a FACE Conformance Program in the near future.  After launch, this section of the website will provide everything you need to certify your software as FACE Conformant.  It currently provides you with an overview of the program. 

Current FACE Conformance Documents for Download:

Why certification?

Benefits of FACE Conformance

  • Customer View

    • Increased Confidence for Portability/Reuse
    • Faster Fielding
    • Easier Integration
    • Lower Costs
  • SW Supplier View
    • Enables Strength-focused Efforts
    • Enhances Product Appeal to Customers
    • Eases Market Entry
    • Eases Product Enhancement

How do I certify?

FACE Conformance Process is a 4-step process with the Supplier in control:

Step 1 - Preparation is the act of a Supplier preparing for the process by obtaining the instructions, guides, policies and tools that will be made available on this website.  A Supplier will also identify the FACE criteria for certification, select a Verification Authority (VA) from a list of authorized VAs, and create verification evidence.

Step 2 - Verification is the act of determining the conformance of an implementation to specification requirements.  FACE Verification is handled through an entity known as a VA, a technical expert on the FACE Technical Standard.

Step 3 - Certification is the process of applying for a FACE Conformance Certificate once verification has been completed. FACE Certification is processed through the FACE Certification Authority (CA).

Step 4 - Registration is the process of listing FACE Certified UoCs in a public listing of FACE Certified UoCs known as the FACE Registry. The FACE Registry is accessed from the FACE Landing Page. 

Software Supplier


  • Software Supplier: The Software Supplier is anyone providing software to be certified.  This may include the original software developer, an integrator, or another entity wishing to certify software developed from another party.
  • FACE Verification Authority: A FACE Verification Authority (VA) is one of several organizations approved by the FACE Consortium to evaluate software against the FACE Technical Standard.  The VA is an expert on the FACE technical standards.
  • FACE Certification Authority: The FACE Certification Authority (CA) is the singular organization that can provide a FACE Conformance Certificate.
  • FACE Registry Administrator: The FACE Registry Administrator manages a listing of FACE Certified Units of Conformance (UoCs) known as the FACE Registry.  

FACE Conformance OV-2 Diagram

FACE Registry