The Open Group Conference India 2011

Case Study 1: Private Sector Multinational deployment of TOGAF®
TOGAF MSC – How TOGAF gets updated

Mick Adams
Global Architecture Leader, Capgemini

Mick Adams is head of Market Development for the Capgemini strategy and enterprise architecture team; he is also the lead for the Capgemini contribution to The Open Group. He predominantly works in the strategy space helping clients align their business objectives with the appropriate IT response. Mick was the first Capgemini architect to be certified within the Asia Pacific region, and is one of fifteen architects within Capgemini to hold its highest certification level. He was the first Capgemini architect in the world to be certified via the Open Group ITAC scheme. He has acted as lead facilitator for the IAF courses at the Capgemini University and course creator/director for the architecture learning program 'Boardroom EA' and accredited TOGAF® 9 courses.

Mick has a broad range of consulting experience that varies from client advisory work to programme delivery work. He has worked throughout Europe, North America, South East Asia and ANZ. Mick has been working in a number of particularly interesting areas: advisory work with the Cabinet Office CIO/CTO council to help define UK Governments technology strategy including the use of TOGAF® and ITAC, is currently helping PepsiCo define how architecture can realise value, has an ongoing commitment with BP to upskill its global architecture team in TOGAF® 9, and has just completed a set of architecture training courses for Westpac Bank in Australia.

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