The Open Group Conference India 2011

Business Clouds with EA: A Double Whammy for Transformational Projects

Jagdish Bhandarkar
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TOGAF® 9 is an EA framework which gives the much needed process in totality to work out an EA strategy for an Organization. To understand the organization and the domain in which the Organization has to consult, we need domain experts. While the short term driver for cloud computing adoption has been IT optimization for cost savings, Cloud computing has much greater potential in enabling business innovation. We believe that "Business Clouds" will disrupt several industries by redefining business models.

This presentation explores what Business Clouds are in the context of a few industries like telecom, retail and financial services and what technical capabilities are needed to create such business cloud platforms.

Jagdish Bhandarkar

Jagdish Bhandarkar ( is Steering member of Infosys Architecture Competency Board and alumni of IIT-B and IIM-C. He has evangelized several technical programs to improve thought leadership and technical skills of Architects at Infosys. His current areas of research are Private Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility and Agile Architectures. His book on Scrum Methodology is slated to see daylight in 2011.

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