The Open Group Conference India 2011

Reorienting EA for Dynamic Contours of an Enterprise

Raghuraman Krishnamurthy
Prinicipal Architect, Cognizant, India

The notion of 'enterprise' has changed dramatically with the reality of flat world of services and skills. Corporates world over are strategically outsourcing more and more of IT to exclusively focus on their core competency. Technology innovations such as cloud computing and service orientation have changed the boundaries of possibilities. The topics at the heart of EA like linking IT to business by using enterprise repository, business capabilities to IT mapping, frameworks need to be looked afresh in the context of the dynamic undercurrents of the day. The aim of the lecture is to provide a fresh look at EA in the new flat world.

Raghuraman Krishnamurthy

Raghu is a seasoned principal enterprise architect working in Cognizant Technology Services with experience in business, information, process and infrastructure domains. He has more than 18 years of experience and is a post graduate from IIT, Bombay.

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