The Open Group Conference India 2011

Software Maturity model for cloud compatibility

Prithviraj Sankaran
Mahindra Satyam

Does all existing software products be it COTS or otherwise ready for Cloud SaaS? Can we architect solution for cloud based SaaS using existing products the way we architect solution for an enterprise? - are the typical questions that are examined in this session. One part of the answer is not all existing software is fully ready for cloud. If so what are the parameters that one will use to measure whether a given software product is fully cloud ready or not. Once it is fully cloud ready, then architecting a cloud based SaaS solution using that product is a different next game. Or architecting solutions using not-cloud ready or semi-cloud ready product is also a different game

Prithviraj Sankaran

Sankaran Prithviraj, the author, is Principal Architect and Solution Consultant in Mahindra Satyam and has about 28 years of experience in the information technology industry. In the recent times, he has published several papers on Enterprise Architecture and using TOGAF® .

Prithviraj has also published papers on "Engineering Well-Formed Services" in the context of SOA. (Use 'Sankaran Prithviraj' as search string to locate his papers and his profile.) He primarily provides solution architecture to customers on several enterprise systems as well architects solutions for integrating several enterprise systems. He has formal degrees BE, M.Tech - in four branches of engineering Metallurgy, Aeronautics, Production Technology and Computer Science and engineering from India's most reputed educational Institutes Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.


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