The Open Group Conference India 2011

Practical EA - Learning from working with Enterprises in India

Ameya Vanjari
Global Head - Delivery Support' for IT Architecture Consulting

Enterprises in India are rapidly changing (growth, customer needs, newer relationships with enterprises across the globe). IT in these enterprises is busy responding to this change. While conditions demand focus on strategic planning, enterprise architecture and governance; adoption is low. The session will share learning from working in this context with multiple enterprises.

Ameya Vanjari

Ameya Vanjari is 'Global Head - Delivery Support' for IT Architecture Consulting practice in TCS. He is responsible for delivery of architecture consulting, providing sales support across the globe, creating solutions, assets & maturity of the practice. As a consultant, Ameya has advised enterprises on IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and IT Roadmaps. He has keen interest in retail, financial services industry and business innovation driven by information technology. He has global exposure by virtue of traveling and working with customers in over 15 countries. Apart from the role in the practice, heads the IT Office for a retailer in India, and is responsible to shape and guide the transformation for this enterprise

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