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Bridging the Gap Between Architecture and Strategy

Bill Brierley
Practice Director, Enterprise Architecture, TRM Technologies, Canada

Linking enterprise architecture with business strategy facilitates the successful implementation of the business strategy. In this talk we explore how business architecture models can be used to formally express Kaplan-Norton style strategy maps. We also explore how this formalization allows us to uncover implicit assumptions and apply strategy maps to public as well as private sector enterprises.

Bill BrierleyBill Brierley, as Enterprise Architecture Practice Director, has over 20 years of progressive and diverse experience providing enterprise solutions.

For the Public Sector, Mr. Brierley has delivered solutions to the some of the most challenging mandates including the development of network security guidelines for the Government of Canada, Public Safety Interoperability, the Government of Canada's IT Security Strategy, and Secure Channel Renewal.

Prior to joining forces with TRM, Bill Brierley has been President of Farlane Systems, providing IT security services to Government, based in Ottawa. Mr. Brierley has managed multi-functional teams in fast change environments, and thrives on the challenge of delivering improved efficiency and effectiveness to organizations facing increased constraints on available resources.

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