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Enterprise Architecture Education & Research in Higher Education

Brian Cameron
Professor of Practice and Director of the Enterprise Architecture Initiative, College of Information Sciences and Technology, Pennsylvania State University

The College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at The Pennsylvania State University is embarking on several ground breaking educational initiatives in enterprise architecture (EA). Enterprise architecture is emerging as a critical discipline within industry but higher education has been slow to create educational programs to address this growing area of importance. In response to feedback from corporate and government stakeholders, the College of IST is planning the following EA related initiatives:

  1. The creation of undergraduate curriculum focused on Enterprise Architecture. This will be the first undergraduate major in EA in the country. Students will be given a solid foundation in business, technology, and EA methods and practices and will have the opportunity to focus on several areas of specialty.
  2. The creation of a new online Professional Masters program with a focus in Enterprise Architecture.
  3. The development of an research center with a focus in Enterprise Architecture.
  4. The development of a professional certificate series for early career EA professionals

In this session, Dr. Cameron will discuss how the decision was made to pursue programs in Enterprise Architecture and will provide an overview of these planned initiatives. He will also discuss the corporate Enterprise Architecture Advisory Board that he is currently forming to assist in the exploration and development of these initiatives. Group discussion on the topic will be encouraged.

Brian CameronBrian Cameron is Professor of Practice and Director of the Enterprise Architecture Initiative in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at the Pennsylvania State University. Within the College of Information Sciences and Technology, he works with a wide portfolio of companies on a variety of consulting engagements, ranging from systems integration projects to enterprise architecture planning and design. Through his academic work, Cameron has consulted with organizations such as Avaya, AT&T Wireless, Raytheon, Accenture, Oracle, EMC Corp., NSA, U.S. Marine Corps, The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and many others.

His primary research and consulting interests include enterprise architecture, enterprise systems integration, information management and storage, and the use of simulations and gaming in education. The main focus areas for his teaching efforts are on senior-level capstone enterprise integration, enterprise architecture, and information technology consulting & storage architecture courses. Dr. Cameron is currently developing new curricular materials for enterprise integration (through funding from NSF) including a textbook to be published by Wiley & Sons Publishing. He has also designed and taught executive education sessions for senior IT executives. Session topics include Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Strategic Alignment of IT & Business Strategies, IT Governance, and IT Portfolio Management.

Dr. Cameron is TOGAF and Zachman certified and has developed an extensive background in the DoDAF, FEAF, and Gartner frameworks. He is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Center for the Advancement of the Enterprise Architecture Profession and Business Architecture Guild, the founding president of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations, a Co-chair of the Academic Alliance Committee for the Special Interest Group on Enterprise Architecture for the Industry Advisory Council of the US Federal Government, and a member of the editorial review boards for the International Journal on Cyber Behavior, Psychology, and Learning, the nterdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management, the Journal of Information Systems Education, and the International Journal on E-Learning.

Dr. Cameron currently leads corporately funded research efforts in the following areas: service-oriented architecture and business process modeling, risk analysis and management of enterprise systems integration projects, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation best practices, enterprise storage & information management architecture design, and performance measurement for
Enterprise Architecture.

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