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The Importance of Corporate Strategy for Business Architects

S. Kevin Daley
Chief Architect, Business Architecture, IBM, US

Irrespective of the organization, every definition of Business Architecture makes reference directly or indirectly to Business Strategy. The concepts of Business Strategy are focused around capabilities, execution, diversification and cost. In today's increasingly globalized marketplace, enterprises are now competing not just for both market share but also for access to new markets as even new industries. The concepts of Corporate Strategy are focused on competitive markets, multi-industry and business networks. Often times the terms of Corporate Strategy and Business Strategy are used interchangeably with an assumption that they mean the same thing. But these two strategy disciplines are interlinked in ways that define both who and what an enterprise is about. For Business Architects the difference is more than just semantics, it is critical to what they need to do and how they must interact with an enterprise's strategy teams as they develop and maintain the Business Architecture.

In this presentation we will review the key elements of Corporate Strategy, identify its bidirectional relationship with Business Strategy, how it operates in the new global economy and identify ways it interacts with an enterprise's Business Architecture.

Kevin DaleyKevin Daley is a Chief Architect in the Innovation and Technology Group of IBM Global Business Services. He focuses on Business and Solution Architecture for Industry. Kevin is a former c-level business executive with over thirty years of experience in business strategy and optimization, performance engineering, information design, software platform implementation and continuous process improvement.

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