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Enterprise Architecture in the Cloud: EA Knowledge Management with a Federation of Semantic Wiki's

Remco de Boer
Consultant, ArchiXL, Netherlands

Enterprise architectures hardly ever stand on their own. Most architectures extensively (re)use generic architectural knowledge such as reference architectures. But even such reference architectures are not solitary entities. There exist whole families of (reference) architectures, which may have hierarchical, layered relationships but also more intricate, network-like interdependences. Understanding, reusing, and extending these reference architectures becomes increasingly difficult. New and emerging technologies such as the semantic web and cloud-services may help us to overcome these problems. We present how a federation of semantic wiki's can be used for cloud-based management of enterprise architecture knowledge. By putting EA in the cloud, we create a network of architectural knowledge in which organisation-specific architectural decisions may be linked and traced to the reference architecture(s) used. We illustrate this by means of a case derived from the dutch government.

Remco de BoerRemco de Boer is a consultant at ArchiXL, a Dutch IT architecture consultancy. He obtained his PhD from the VU University Amsterdam with a dissertation on architectural knowledge management. His current work includes the application of semantic wiki's to gather, record and disseminate architectural knowledge.

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