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The Fundamental Failures of End-point Security

Stefan  Frei
Research Analyst Director, Secunia, Denmark

Examine the fundamental failings of end-point security, that continue to turn most Internet users (corporate and private) into easy prey for cybercriminals.

Understand the importance of frequent patching to keep programs up-to date.

Data from 2.6 Million users of the Secunia PSI provide a unique insight into the exposure end-point systems.

Stefan FreiAs Research Analyst Director, Stefan Frei is responsible for conducting and publishing research based on Secunia data.

Prior to joining Secunia, Stefan was Senior Research Associate and Lecturer at ETH Zürich, researching the Security Ecosystem and investigating cybercrime operations and defenses.

Stefan has been in IT and security for more than 20 years, and holds a M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, a Masters of Advanced Studies in Management , Technlogy & Economics, as well as a Doctor of Science (, all earned from ETH Zürich.

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