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EA Management in the Context of Mergers & Acquisitions

Andreas Freitag
Consultant / PhD Student, Detecon International GmbH / TU Munich (sebis)

A significant number of merger projects do not reach their expected goals or fail completely. Still, recent empirical studies indicate continuing low success rates. IT plays a major role in the Post-Merger Integration (PMI) but is often underrepresented in the merger planning phase leading to problems during the transformation. Scientific literature states specific success factors for a merger (for example: a clear business vision, coordinated and holistic planning of business and IT, consistent decisions, stakeholder management) which we aim to adress with an Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) approach.

Andreas FreitagSince 2006, Andreas Freitag has been working as a management consultant in the Global Competence Team Enterprise Architecture Management at Detecon. The group specialized in methodological consulting regarding Enterprise Architecture and related topics in multi-divisional international corporations.

Besides consulting projects, he is regularly engaged as a TOGAF trainer in education and certification of enterprise architects.

Andreas Freitag holds a diploma degree in Business (focus IT management and corporate finance) from Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, Germany. In 2009 he joined TU Munich as an external PhD student and works in the project team Mergers & Acquisitions. His research focus is Enterprise Architecture Management in the context of Mergers and Acquisitions.

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