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Cloud Vendor Selection: Picking the right combination of better, faster, and cheaper

Penelope Gordon,
Co-founder and Cloud and Business Architect, 1Plug Corporation

Mark Skilton
Global Director, Applications Outsourcing, Capgemini

In this workshop we will solicit the audience for Cloud buying scenarios.

From each scenario we will extract the Cloud buying requirements using the Cloud Buyers Requirements Questionnaire published by The Open Group in July 2010, and then distill those requirements into a single better, faster, and/or cheaper needs statement.

We will then translate each needs statement into Cloud vendor selection criteria which considers Cloud vendors on the basis of their primary value propositions (as derived from their monetization strategies) - criteria which can then be used to negotiate a contract.

PhotoPenelope Gordon specializes in adoption strategies for emerging technologies, and portfolio management of early stage innovation. While with IBM, she led innovation, strategy, and product development efforts for all of IBM's product and service divisions; and helped to design, implement, and manage one of the world's first public clouds.

Mark SkiltonMark Skilton is Director for Capgemini, Strategy CTO Group , Global Infrastructure Services  . His role includes strategy development, global delivery readiness and creation of Centers of Excellence. He is currently author of the Capgemini University Cloud Computing Course. Mark has published a number of articles on Cloud Computing through The Open Group including, , and guests on iTunes Cloud Blogs and is co-chair of The Open Group Cloud Computing Workgroup, Cloud Business Artifacts Project. He is a regular conference speaker and panel member on Cloud Computing thought leadership.

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