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Innovation with SOA

Judith Jones
CEO, Architecting the Enterprise

Innovation is seen as the introduction of a better way to use existing products and services.
SOA has become a foundation capability for the IT industry to present their services to the marketplace. Customers of SOA solutions are looking for rapid and agile ways to improve their business capability and respond to their internal or external market needs.

Combined with the Cloud infrastructure the availability of SOA solutions is providing a platform for innovation around existing business capabilities as organisations respond to  emerging  markets as older markets melt away.

Enterprise Architecture is also a foundation capability which with SOA and the Cloud we will be able to innovate from our legacies and assets to create exciting and proven capabilities.
To create business capability the current infrastructure of people , process and technology  combined with cultural evolution needs to be able to fully utilise the assets available to create new values and bring prosperity to the organisations involved.
Working across communities of government and business organisations where valued legacy and cultures need to be protected how do we ensure that change does not wipe away the throw the baby out with the bath water.

Innovation is the key to preservation of the best. SOA is no exception to this thinking.

We present the case for Innovation with SOA using the Cloud and successful EA.

Judith JonesJudith Jones, the CEO of Architecting the Enterprise, the global market leader in TOGAF Training and Consultancy is an experienced Business Manager and IT Consultant. Judith's prime experience includes business re-engineering, business architecture, enterprise architecture and governance, architecture practice management, business value engineering, IT strategy and management. Judith has worked with many Fortune 100 and Government agencies to develop architecture competencies and capabilities. Her background experience includes more than 20 years as a business manager with ICL, now Fujitsu Services.

Judith is a champion and practitioner of Enterprise Architecture standards, including TOGAF and TOGAF certification, for over 20 years and was instrumental in the development of ICL’s OpenFramework. Judith is an active member of The Open Group and is a major contributor and an editor of TOGAF 7, 8 and 9 as well as leading TOGAF projects for localisation, case studies, ADML, synergy and collaboration projects.

Judith is co-author of the TOGAF and DODAF alignment paper.

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