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TOGAF® & ArchiMate® for successful enterprise architecture

Henk Jonkers
Senior Research Consultant, BiZZdesign

A complete approach to enterprise architecture (EA) requires: (1) a framework describing architectural viewpoints; (2) a language for architectural descriptions; (3) a method for constructing architectures.

The Open Group's TOGAF9 standard is the leading method for EA development, including a process, techniques and best practices. The Open Group's ArchiMate® standard is the leading language for integrated EA modelling, describing the business, application and technology layers and their relationships.

Based on examples from real-life cases, we show how ArchiMate® makes TOGAF™ actionable:
- how TOGAF™ and ArchiMate® together offer a comprehensive and complete approach to EA;
- that ArchiMate® facilitates modeling the deliverables prescribed by TOGAF;
- ArchiMate® core and its extensions to cover all the aspects that TOGAF™ addresses.

Henk JonkersHenk Jonkers is an experienced conference speaker on Enterprise Architecture and related topics. He has co-authored several publications, books and white papers for The Open Group and is one of the main contributors to the design and improvement of the ArchiMate® modeling language.

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