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Building the Bad Bank

Thomas Obitz
Principal Architect, Senacor AG, Germany

In 2008, a medium sized bank, which was half-way through the absorption of several previous mergers, went into rough waters. Turmoil in financial markets made liquidity scarce; assets were riskier than assumed, requiring more equity to back them. A government bail-out became inevitable. High-risk assets had to be taken off the balance sheet. As realizing the losses was not an option, the organization set up a Bad Bank.

We are going to look into various architectural layers: At the business architecture side, how to get assets off the balance sheet, and how to get a consistent view on credit, market and liquidity risk. At the application level, how to integrate four different IT landscapes from the organization's legacy while at the same time enabling a divestiture. It's a story of a complex transformation, and the insights we got from working through it.

Thomas ObitzThomas Obitz is a Principal Architect with Senacor AG, Germany. After studying Mathematics at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, he has since gathered more than 18 years of experience in the IT industry. Thomas has been working with enterprise architecture groups reviewing and developing application landscapes and IT capabilities, in alignment with the corporation's processes and value propositions. Furthermore, he has broad experience conceptualizing and designing large scale distributed systems, especially in the the area of investment banking and capital markets. His key areas of interest are enterprise architecture, in particular the application of architectural approaches beyond the realm of IT, its potential vs perceived benefits, and mechanisms for its effective implementation.

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