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Architecting Cloud Computing: A Data Driven Approach

Daniel Lawrence Spar, PhD
Technology Strategist, Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA

Cloud computing includes a broad collection of services, ranging from business processes to infrastructure, but the viability of it as part of a highly reliable, secure environment is still not clear. Additionally, much of the attention on cloud is technology focused vs. business-driven.

This presentation will present a structured overview of the current state and future direction of the cloud environment, and synthesize the theory, practice, direction and associated technologies of cloud computing. This presentation will illustrate how the cloud can be modeled in the TOGAF enterprise architecture to analyze and enable specific capabilities, and how business strategy and operating models can be designed to leverage the cloud. Particular emphasis will be placed on the data-driven artifacts.

Dr Daniel SparDr. Daniel Spar is an experienced author, contributor, and presenter for industry conferences, publications, proceedings, textbooks, and federal IT standards. Creator and designer of the BPwin business process modeling tool, contributor to the industry standard ERwin data modeling/database design tool, and editor of published journal articles covering finance and IT. As an adjunct university professor, Spar has earned several instructor awards, and frequently advises universities on curriculum design and instruction.

Experience Summary:-

  • Specialist Leader in Deloitte’s commercial and federal practices with extensive experience in enterprise architecture and information modeling
  • SME in multiple subject areas including Banking, Structured Finance and Econometrics
  • Adviser to high level government and commercial organizations internationally including NATO, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Credit Suisse First Boston and the Hong Kong Judiciary, on strategic, business, financial and technology, planning, enterprise architecture, data architecture and data modeling
  • Adjunct Professor of finance at the University of Maryland
  • Adjunct Professor of information systems at Indiana University
  • Adjunct Professor of enterprise architecture at the FEAC Institute
  • Co-author of federal standards for data modeling and process modeling

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