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The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum - Best Practices and Accreditation for a Secure Global Supply Chain

Andras Szakal
Andras Szakal, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, IBM U.S. Federal IMT

Andras Szakal will outline the objectives of the OTTF and provide an overview of the Open Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF), a set of best practices for engineering development and supply chain integrity.

Andras will illustrate the value of the O-TTPF, which will enable the technology and communications industries to build with integrity so that government and enterprise customers can buy with confidence. And discuss how a planned accreditation program will enable customers to identify technology providers who implement these practices throughout their global supply chains.

Andras SzakalAndras Szakal is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect of IBM's Federal Software business unit. He is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, also an IBM Senior Certified Software IT certArchitect and an IBM Certified SOA Solution Designer. His responsibilities include developing e-Government software architectures using IBM middleware and leading the IBM federal government software IT architect team. Mr. Szakal holds undergraduate degrees in Biology and Computer Science and a Masters Degree in Computer Science from James Madison University.

Mr. Szakal has been a driving force behind IBM's adoption of government IT standards and is a member of the IBM Software Group Strategy Team. The team he leads has been responsible for helping the federal government move e-Government into the On-Demand era through the application of SOA. His team has been directly involved with multiple, high-profile, successful government software and services engagements based on open standards and open source.

Mr. Szakal represents IBM SWG on the Board of Directors of The Open Group. He currently holds the Chair of the IT Architect Profession Certification Standard (ITAC) within the Open Group.

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