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Independent External Assessment

Robin Wilton
Identity Management Expert

How do the Jericho Identity commandments advance the Identity debate?

PhotoRobin has 27 years experience in the I T industry, including 12 years as a Systems Engineer with IBM, and 11 years with Sun Microsystems as a Corporate Architect on Federated Identity. These positions included work on retail, investment and central banking systems; cryptographic and key management products; PKI-enabling middleware; and identity management, access control and provisioning suites. In 2009, he set up Future Identity as an independent consultant on digital identity, privacy and public policy, in which role he had clients in the public, academic and commercial sectors and around the world, from California to Johannesburg to Slovenia. He has also been a director of privacy and public policy at both the Liberty Alliance and the Kantara Initiative.

He holds a degree in Philosophy and Modern Languages (M.A. Joint Honors), Oriel College, Oxford.

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