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Leveraging Enterprise Architecture for Federal Strategy

Hind Al Youha
Director, Strategic Planning Performance, Ministry of Economy, United Arab Emirates

Main Topics to be covered:

  • Brief about the Ministry of Economy (MOE) Strategy and main challenges.
  • The E.A unique capabilities that allows MOE to benefit from it to overcome faced challenges (E.A Benefits)
  • Actionable Enterprise Architecture: that explains a pragmatic approach to enterprise architecture and that helps transform the concepts driving the value of enterprise architecture into effective capabilities; therefore, driving the performance of the MoE.
  • Project phases and benefits:
    • Strategy usage in E.A
    • Performance Management Using E.A


  • Provides an overall view of organizational strategy aligned with external party “United Arab Emirates” government strategy, and cascaded down to departments level through translating high‐level strategy into aligned lower‐level initiatives, methods, processes and measures.
  • Using an Enterprise Architecture based Performance Management System enables any organization/department/ministry to properly map all the constituents of the Organization with its operating model and methodologies.
  • Enterprise Architecture will create the Organizational Blueprint from the link to the government strategy to the Department Strategy and cascading this further to strategic objectives/outcomes that will affect processes and create organizational initiatives to meet those Objectives.

The Strategic Planning and Performance Management Solution Architecture:
In this section I’ll talk about the solution architecture and the five main parts:

  • A Definitions Repository
  • A Method Composer
  • A Collaboration Platform
  • A Reporting Tool
  • And an Impact Analysis Platform

The definition repository is based on the Enterprise Architecture Tool were all definitions of the Organization’s strategy, linkages and cascading information such as the KPI’s, roles & responsibilities etc are defined. Mission and vision is also defined in the repository. The tool provides the links between the strategic layer of the organization down to the business layer were services, processes, activities are linked to organizational components (departments and roles & Responsibilities) to the IT applications that are used to achieve those strategic objectives.

Hind Al Youha is a highly experienced professional with quality oriented business calibre, an extensive academic and industry knowledge of performance management, and a business excellence motivator across governmental organizations.

With over 10 years of experience in Dubai Governments, Hind has recently been appointed as the Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management at the Ministry of Economy. Her main roles in this position involve Strategy Development, Alignment, Managing Performance, Reporting and using Enterprise Architecture for Strategy.

Previously, Hind was the Senior Manager of the Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department at Dubai Customs and prior to that, she held the position of Corporate Performance Manager focusing on Quality and Performance Management Systems at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). In her work at Dubai Customs she initiated a performance based budgeting practice across the entire organization; the success of which was shared with other U.A.E government entities. She also assisted Dubai Customs and RTA in developing a Performance Management Framework that supported the current strategic planning process. Other than these achievements, Hind enabled the managements of both government entities to ensure the alignment between planning and operation by defining a clear relationship between the strategic planning components and the performance measurements that support them.

Furthermore, Hind formerly worked as a Manager of Corporate Business Excellence at the Department of Civil Aviation, in which her key responsibility dealt with providing vision and a strategic direction for the development and implementation of strategy and corporate performance functions that included: standards and excellence, strategy and planning, performance, stakeholder relations, and organization development to achieve organizational goals, objectives and the planned future growth.

Hind has spoken at several conferences in the United Arab Emirates including The Open Group’s first Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference, The GCC Government Organizations Global Competitiveness KPI and Innovation Strategy Development Conference, and American Strategic Management Institute in Orlando, Florida, United States.

On many occasions she was awarded for her outstanding achievements and success, being bestowed by The International Honour Society for Accredited Business Programmes in recognition of her high scholastic achievement from Kappa Beta Delta, and being awarded The International Award of Excellence in Performance Management from The Open Group - Arabia.

Hind Al Youha holds a Master of Science in Project Management from British University in Dubai in association with Manchester University in the United Kingdom and she was the recipient of the Excellence Certificate for outstanding academic accomplishment.

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