Business Agility using ArchiMate with TOGAF

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Larry Wallendorff, Corso

Business Agility using ArchiMate® with TOGAF®

Larry Wallendorff, Corso

Like it or not, EA has a bad reputation for not providing business value except for a wall covering of designs. Frameworks and languages such as TOGAF, ArchiMate and DODAF aren’t responsible for this perception. In fact, these standards provide a mechanism for communication and delivery, but its how enterprise architects use them that sometimes brings issues.

What EA is missing is the answer to the question; what is getting delivered? This is where we introduce the phrase “just enough, just in time” because stakeholders don’t just simply want EA in time, they also want enough of it – regardless of what it is! This is especially important when communicating with non-EA professionals. In the past, enterprise architects have focussed on delivering all of the EA assets to stakeholders and demonstrating the technical wizardry required to build the actual architecture. But how does this help the business act with more agility?

Is this session we will explore the use ArchiMate with TOGAF to deliver stakeholders the right amount of architecture in a timely manner to support business agility. We'll also explore some simple yet invaluable tools available to EAs that enable a more agile approach to EA such as sketching, socialization, gamification, and kanban boards.

Key takeaways:

  • How ArchiMate with TOGAF helps deliver the right amount of architecture to meet stakeholder expectations.
  • How EA can help deliver business agility as a strategic capability of the organization.

Larry Wallendorff is a Carnegie Mellon certified, TOGAF® 9 certified enterprise architect and speaker in Application/Business Architecture and EA Management Best Practices. Previously EA Practice Area Lead for IBM Rational North America, Larry has over 20 years' experience providing architecture management solutions/methods, industry/custom EA frameworks and assessments for Fortune 500 companies across industry verticals. Larry has presented at several Open Group forums and shared the DAMA podium with John Zachman and Scott Ambler. Based in Colorado, Larry now manages the North America pre-sales team at Corso, the premier Enterprise Architecture Business Partner for IBM.



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