Impact of Open Platform 3.0 and SOA in Driving Business Innovation in Enterprises

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Gautam K Bhat, Cloud Innovation Leader, IBM

Impact of Open Platform 3.0 and SOA in Driving Business Innovation in Enterprises

Gautam K Bhat, Cloud Innovation Leader, IBM

SOA has been leading the business for a decade and more. Now, Microsservices and CAMSS have been in the limelight for quite some time and these are here to stay. For the present Enterprise Architecture, the need of the hour is a third platform to support applications and services that use cloud, social, mobile computing, big data, and the Internet of Things.

With the advent of strategic changes in business initiatives, the Enterprise Architecture is expected to undergo a drastic transformation. The change in customer base requires architecting across multiple systems and exploring the platform capability through multiple workloads. IDC predicts that worldwide IT spending will exceed $2.1 trillion in 2013, up 5.7% from 2012. Smart mobile devices will generate more than 50% of this growth from 2013 through 2020, a combination of social cloud, mobile, and big data technologies will drive around 90% of all the growth in the IT market (the “third platform”).  These technologies cannot be deployed in standard products and services using today’s technology platforms.

Each of the themes - Big Data, Social, Mobile and Cloud has to finally fall into the scope of a single overall Enterprise Architecture.  Enterprises should be able to create, evolve, adopt and use solutions based on current and future emerging technologies to achieve business value.  These solutions must Enable Boundary less Information Flow, allow users to mix and match technology products and services, support the business innovations that enterprises want to make, including changes in the style of business operations. The best way to achieve this is by uniting/merging all these four independent facets into one and Platform 3.0 is just that.

This presentation will provide business cases and its applicability to Platform 3.0 and what do the clients feel and think about it. Finally we
conclude by summarizing the discussion and touching upon Platform 3.0's fitment into new era of Enterprise Architecture.

Key takeaways:

  • SOA over a decade set the context of reuse and interfaces which has been worked upon by business through innovation to give birth to Open Platform 3.0 (CAMSS) and refinement of SOA.
  • Assists technologists and business people in understanding Open Platform 3.0 vision of Boundaryless Information Flow by helping enterprises to use Cloud, Social, and Mobile Computing, and Big Data.
  • Enable the organizations to identify a set of new platform capabilities and architecting and standardizing an IT platform by which enterprises can reap their business benefits.
  • Awareness on the SOA Certification from The Open Group to be made available by 2015/2016.

Gautam K Bhat is a Cloud Innovation Leader in IBM and Open Group certified Distinguished IT Specialist thereby leading the technical specialist community of over 30,000 techies. He is active in academic initiatives and is also an Oracle solutions Architect for Cloud Managed Services. Gautam has journal publications, patents and conference presentations and is a key member of SOA Certification and Open Platform 3.0 projects in The Open Group.



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