You can lead a horse to water… (Managing the Human Aspects of Change in EA Implementations)

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Joanne Macgregor, Specialist Consultant and Trainer, Real IRM

Many Enterprise Architecture (EA) implementations do not succeed in realising their full potential due to a failure in managing the “fuzzy” human aspects of organisational transformation.

Change management is, or should be, an integral part of EA implementations. This presentation explores the role and composition of EA Change Management and examines how it differs from change leadership. It reviews John Kotter’s 8 steps for leading change and provides an overview of the process of managing human change in EA implementations and organisational transformations. The talk also includes a consideration of the psychology of change - what psychological factors, change strategies and organisation conditions increase the individual’s motivation to change, and which merely exacerbate normal resistance to change?

Joanne Macgregor, Specialist Consultant and Trainer, Real IRM

Joanne Macgregor has a background in education, IT training and business consulting, and she is also a registered Counselling Psychologist in private practice. She brings her considerable experience in these fields to helping corporations with soft skills and change management training, and team facilitation. A dynamic presenter, Joanne is also the author of several published novels.

Joanne's qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a post-graduate diploma in Education (cum laude), and an Honours and a Master’s degree (both cum laude) in Counselling Psychology.



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