Less is more: putting EA at the heart of top-level decision-making

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Jerome Bugnet, Senior Solution Director, Troux Technologies

As Enterprise Architects, we often suffer with over-enthusiasm in our own trade, without realising that not everybody might share this interest. The people who can really benefit from what the E in Enterprise Architecture can bring are top decision makers in IT and the business. They often do not have a technical background and struggle to understand the A in Enterprise Architecture.

We will discuss a new approach to Enterprise Architecture that is simpler, delivers quicker results and, more importantly, that really serves the top-level decision makers in a language that they can understand. We will look at case studies and examples of this approach, as well as the lessons we can learn in our day-to-day jobs.

Jerome Bugnet, Senior Solution Director, Troux Technologies

In his current role Jerome is responsible for the technical management of Troux in Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa. This includes customer adoption and customer success for all EA projects.

Jerome has a wealth of experience helping large multinationals including Citigroup,T-Mobile and AstraZeneca define and implement their IT strategy in the domains of Enterprise Architecture, SOA and Enterprise Security in his capacity as a senior consultant and director of technology.

Jerome holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.



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