Enterprise Architecture as a core capability in successful transformation programmes

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Roar Engen, Partner and Chief Enterprise Architect, Primesource EA

The increasing demand for digital services both from internal stakeholders and consumers is pressuring companies to "get digital". When the true implications of this requirement reaches decision-makers, the response is often to initiate a strategic initiative in the form of a transformation program to fundamentally change the way of doing business. Digital transformation programmes usually span multiple years, projects, and business units, and affect both internal and external stakeholders. The success of these programmes depend heavily on the communication of the envisaged “improved future” . Aligning programme management and EA in this area creates value for the organisation.

Roar presents a "mixed-methodology arts" approach to digital transformation and shares his experiences with enterprise architecture contributing to the success of these transformations.

Roar Engen, Partner and Chief Enterprise Architect, Primesource EA

Roar leads the Enterprise Architecture practice in the Norwegian consulting company, Primesource AS. He worked as a systems engineer in technology companies such as Norsk Data and Hewlett Packard, and then spent ten years building an Application Service Provider business in the US and Scandinavia – five years of which he served as the CTO for Norway and Sweden. Prior to joining Primesource in 2014, Roar worked for the largest healthcare trust in Norway as the Chief Enterprise Architect. He was responsible for building an architecture practice across ten hospitals and for a USD 200M/year digital transformation programme. With 30 years of experience in technology, IT leadership and consulting, he believes that an architecture approach to transforming businesses is the key to long term success.



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