The state of Enterprise Architecture globally

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James Thomas, Lead Enterprise Architect, South African Reserve Bank

Enterprise Architecture as a discipline is growing globally and even more rapidly as a profession. At the same time there are business and IT stakeholders with concerns, misconceptions and downright scepticism regarding the practice, methods and actual value-add of Enterprise Architecture.
This session will attempt to take a hard look at the current state of Enterprise Architecture locally and abroad from a few different perspectives, including: Frameworks, Tools, Skills, Certification, References, Maturity, etc.

James Thomas, Lead Enterprise Architect, South African Reserve Bank

James has a wealth of experience in the Information Technology field and is an accomplished presenter and lecturer. Having fulfilled multiple roles both in business and IT functions as service provider, vendor and client over the years, James has always aspired to remain abreast of the latest developments in any number of fields – particularly Enterprise Architecture. James has an open-minded and objective approach, while seeking to find tangible value in applying and developing Enterprise Architecture. His recent switch in roles from service provider to client affords James the opportunity to reflect on both sides of the coin and determine where the real value lies.

James holds multiple industry diplomas and certifications in Business and Project Management, Security and Enterprise Architecture.



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