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The Open Group builds compelling event programs featuring speakers who provide a wide range of expertise and experience, in order to give our attendees access to the best thought leadership in the industry. The Open Group events offer exposure for speakers’ ideas, expertise, and organizations to high-placed decision makers within influential organizations worldwide:

  • Representatives of global organizations including Fortune 500 companies, policy-making agencies and standard bodies
  • Professionals such as enterprise architects, designers and managers of IT infrastructure, product managers and engineering managers of architecture tools, system integrators, IT procurement professionals, and enterprise network security experts
Presentation proposals should be submitted online and will be reviewed by our Program Steering Committee. The session detail is a critical factor in determining whether your presentation proposal is accepted so spend some time outlining what you plan to cover.
The Program Steering Committee favors end-user perspectives and presenters, and vendor-neutral educational presentations that focus on the real-life applications and case studies. Front-line implementers and end-users are given preference in the speaker selection process. 
Vendors are encouraged to recruit clients and partners who are front-line implementers or end-users as presenters or co-presenters.

The Open Group is a vendor-neutral and technology-neutral consortium. To respect this neutrality, your presentation should not contain any marketing pitch for products or services.

Upcoming Submission Deadlines

Location & Date                       
Submission Deadline
Singapore, 2018
The Open Group Singapore Event
(Oct 29-Nov 1, 2018)
Managing Digital Enterprises July 20, 2018
Sao Paulo, Brazil 2018
The Open Group Brazil Event
(October 2, 2018)
Transforming Business Through Open Standards September 1, 2018
Lima, Peru 2018
The Open Group Peru Event
(October 4-5, 2018)
Using Open Standards for Business Transformation September 1, 2018
Proposed Speaker Information
Marketing Contact Information
Proposed Presentation
IMPORTANT: Provide enough details to convey the content and objectives of your presentation. We look for how-to content, best practices, end-user case studies, and organizational success stories — all with a focus on attaining business goals.
What are the intended learning objectives for attendees?  What knowledge or capabilities will attendees be able to apply to their own job function or professional development.


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