The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of TOGAF®
William Estrem
President Metaplexity Associates LLC

This presentation will describe techniques that can be used to streamline and adapt TOGAF® for different types and sizes of organizations.

Bill EstremWilliam Estrem

Dr. Bill Estrem is the President of Metaplexity Associates LLC, a firm that specializes in TOGAF® based Enterprise Architecture education and consulting. Bill has been an active member of The Open Group since it was founded in 1995. He has been committed throughout his career to supporting professional organizations and industry groups that promote open systems computing and industry standards.

He is a senior member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and is currently a community leader in the Product and Process, Design and Manufacturing community of the society. He is a past chair of the society’s Computers and Automated Systems Association. He was an author of the society’s Certified Enterprise Integrator examination, as well as the Certified Manufacturing Technologist examination.

Bill has been actively engaged in education and consulting in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Technology Management, and Strategic Information Systems planning for several years. He currently teaches Operations Management in the Graduate School of Business at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota. Bill previously served as an Associate Professor in the College of Business at the University of St. Thomas where he held the Honeywell Endowed Chair in Global Technology Management. He served as an enterprise architect in 3M’s Information Technology division for several years.

Bill holds a Ph.D. in Education from Illinois State University and Masters of Science and Bachelor of Science in Technology Education from Eastern Illinois University.

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