The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Introduction to TOGAF®

Sunday, February 6 — 3:30 - 4:30
Bob Weisman, CEO Build The Vision Inc, Canada

The Open Group Architecture Framework Version 9 (TOGAF® 9) is an open structured planning methodology (a.k.a. architecture) that can be used at all levels of the enterprise from strategic to operational. TOGAF 9 is business value driven integrating enterprise architecture with the business planning, portfolio management (PMBOK, PRINCE2), operations management (ITIL), and solutions/system development frameworks. The outcome is the effective, efficient and business aligned deployment of corporate and IT resources in a simplified enterprise. TOGAF® 9 is modular allowing it to be used in part or complete in conjunction with other Enterprise Architecture methodologies (e.g. DODAF, FEA, Zachman) and with all types of business operating models. This tutorial provides an executive overview of TOGAF® 9 describing its key features and the benefits of using it within an organization.

Bob WeismanBob Weisman

Robert Weisman BEng, MSc PMP, CD is a professional engineer and graduate of the Royal Military College (RMC) of Canada and Laval University where he studied engineering and computer science, specializing in knowledge-based systems for crisis response.

In a diverse 28 year military career he gained expertise in leadership, Plans and Operations, national and international Command and Control, and IM/IT Strategic Direction working in all levels of headquarters as well in the R&D establishments and as faculty in the RMC.

Bob joined CGI in 1998 as a Management Consultant and started the Enterprise Architecture Practice in 1999 in Ottawa with a focus on coping with the Business Transformation aspects of EA and IM/IT in general.

Bob speaks several languages, continues to work globally and joined the Open Group Architecture Forum in 2004 as an active member and major contributor to the new TOGAF V9.

Bob is the happy husband of a fellow free spirit and traveller who put up with innumerable lengthy absences. Both are the proud parents of a graphic artist and two engineers, all of whom are active hockey, killer frisbee and soccer players.

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