The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Enhance your SaaS with Multi-Node Management Service Framework
Soobaek Jang

Senior IT Architect

Managing and coordinating across a large number of instances in a cloud computing environment can be complicated--as complicated as working in an equally large traditional hosting environment. The automation and elasticity of the cloud don't always make systems easier to work with. In this presentation, you'll learn about the architecture for "Multi-Node Management Services". This architecture acts as a framework for auto-scaling in a SaaS lifecycle, putting structure around self-service activity, and providing a simple and powerful web service orientation that allows providers to manage and orchestrate deployments in logical groups.

Soobaek JangSoobaek Jang

A certified IBM senior IT Architect focused on IBM cloud computing enablement. During 11 years with IBM, architected a wide variety of solutions, from mainframe-based finance applications to emerging technologies used to build IBM's first cloud offering. His broad IT experience makes him a sought-after and frequent conference speaker.

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