The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Architecture Career Path
Sreekanth Kalluri
Chief Technology Officer, Nationwide

Defining the role of an Architect and setting up Architecture as a profession is a key step in maturing capabilities for an IT organization. With architects playing a pivotal role in business transformation, whether it is technology-enabled innovation, strategy or service delivery, it is important to establish a clear career path for architects to learn and grow within and outside of their profession. Gone are the days, when architects were simply technology experts. Today, organizations are looking to the architecture function to provide guidance on how business processes can seamlessly integrate, help understand what changes in business impact IT systems to what degree, and of course, deliver IT projects.

In this session, you will learn core components of skills and capabilities for the IT Architecture profession. You will also learn about developing architects within the profession for people leader and individual contributor roles, and what synergies exist for grooming architects from core application development and engineering disciplines and the like. You will hear about importance of certification in maturing IT architecture profession.

Sreekanth Kalluri

Sreekanth Kalluri is Chief Technology Officer for Nationwide, supporting corporate staff functions including finance, human resources, legal, compliance, marketing, information technology, and investments, Nationwide Better Health and Nationwide Bank. He is also the architecture profession leader.

Prior to Nationwide, Mr. Kalluri worked for IBM and Ernst & Young implementing solutions on a variety of platforms such as internet, client-server, and commercial packages, utilizing his experience in distributed computing, object oriented analysis and design, patterns, and frameworks.

Mr. Kalluri has a master's degree in computer science from Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts and bachelor's degree in engineering, specializing in computer science from India. He is a certified Distinguished IT Architect Profession Leader from The Open Group.

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