The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Using the EA Repository to Align the Business with IT
Richard Reese
Vice President, Enterprise Architecture, Discover Financial Services

The presentation shows how Discover's EA group was able to account for over $4MM in cost savings in 2009 by using an EA Repository and other EA processes like IT Governance. The use case was used as the basis for winning the 2010 InfoWorld EA Award.

Richard Reese

Richard Reese has over 20 years experience as an Enterprise Architect working in various industries. Discover's EA team won the 2010 InfoWorld & Forrester Research EA award. In the 1990's Ricahrd was an IBM Certified IT Architect and has worked as the leader of EA for Discover Financial for 10 years. Richard published two books on EA (I/T Architecture in Action - 2008 and Troux Enterprise Architecture Solutions - 2010).

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