The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

Business Architecture Challenge
Jeff Scott
Senior analyst for Forrester Research

Interest in business architecture is growing dramatically. Though there is a great deal of discussion, there is little consensus about what business architecture is, how it should be pursued, and what value it delivers. Enterprise architects will face their biggest challenge yet as they shift from their current IT centric focus to a more business driven view of architecture that comes with its own set of concepts, drivers, goals, and vocabulary. This shift is not just another step forward but a quantum leap into a new world where architects will have to think, act, and even learn differently.

Key takeaways:

  • Where we’ve been – where we’re going
  • EA’s new challenge
  • Choices architects face
  • Ideas for change


Jeff Scott

Jeff is a senior analyst for Forrester Research primarily contributing to the enterprise architecture offerings. He is a leading expert in business architecture, business strategy development, organizational innovation, and enterprise architecture practice management. Jeff’s current research focus includes business capability maps, business strategy development, and business-IT alignment.  

Jeff has over 25 years of IT experience including leadership roles in enterprise architecture, IT strategy development, applications development, desktop management, technical support, and operations. Prior to joining Forrester, Jeff managed his own consulting practice, Logical Leap, Inc., where he worked with Fortune 500 companies developing enterprise architecture and IT strategy. Before starting Logical Leap, Jeff was the Director of Advanced Technology for First Union National Bank (now Wells Fargo) where he created innovative organizational models for IT delivery, developed IT strategy, and implemented leading edge technologies.

Jeff holds a M. A. in experimental and learning psychology from Wake Forest University.

Key Research Themes

  • Business architecture
  • Business strategy development and articulation
  • Business capability maps
  • Creating organizational influence
  • EA as innovation leaders

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