The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

EA as an Integrating Framework for Developing and Executing Business Strategy
William Sheleg
Senior Manager Deloitte Consulting, USA

This session will describe the core changes that must occur in an EA framework if EA is truly to become the integrative framework needed for organizations to execute business strategy. After describing what is needed in an integrative framework, where EA currently provides support, and what fundamental changes must occur in EA to truly become an integrative frame that extends beyond IT to business strategy execution.

William Sheleg

William has more than 30 years of experience, with the last 20 focused on helping organizations improve performance through the use of Information Technology. He began working with organizations to align business and IT strategy in the late 80s, utilizing Business Systems Planning and Information Engineering. In the 90s he began gaining experience with solution and enterprise architecture. He recently has begun focusing on the value that Enterprise Architecture can have outside of the IT realm, by helping organizations develop and execute business strategy.

He is TOGAF™ certified, ITIL v3 foundation certified, and PMP certified. He holds a Masters in Information Systems Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. He currently works with organizations to implement EA capabilities and utilize EA to improve business performance.

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