The Open Group Conference - San Diego 2011

De-risking the cloud through effective risk management
Paul Simmonds
Jericho Forum Board, Jericho Forum

Business confidence in using Cloud Computing is measured against risk, which will be determined by the type of cloud model used. From loss of control of IPR and assets to the meeting regulatory compliance requirements, much has already been said about this; but applying the Jericho Forum "Cloud Cube" model and the Jericho Forum "Commandments" to the problem gives you a consistent framework to determine risk and identify solutions, from identity & entitlement or the need for trust management through to self-defending data.

In this session, Paul will:

  • explain the Jericho Forum's Cloud Cube underlying concepts, with illustrative use-cases
  • highlight the major security challenges these pose
  • explaining why the Jericho Forum believes that "identity" challenges are the key challenge to enabling business confidence in Cloud Computing
  • explain the Jericho Forum's Identity Principles/commandments
  • challenge the identity vendor community to develop effective identity solutions which pass the Jericho Identity commandments test.

PhotoPaul Simmonds

Paul is a co-founder and board member of the Jericho Forum. Until recently he was the CISO of AstraZeneca and prior to that the CISO of ICI.

He was awarded “Chief Security Officer of the year” at the 2005 SC Magazine European Awards and is listed in both the 2004 & 2005 global top 50 most powerful people in networking, by the US publication Network World.

In addition to the Jericho Forum, Paul sits on the advisory board of a number of leading-edge computing companies, as well as the Executive Advisory Board of ISSA UK. He also is a British Canoe Union Level 3 Kayak Coach.

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